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  1. What a sensational experience! I was so worried my 2yo and 6yo would be bothersome, however Captain Rob not only fascinated the adults with his incredible passion and knowledge for the local history, flora and fauna, but captivated the four little ones on board. They were permitted to drive the boat, encouraged to touch and hold mounted (dead) crabs and a sperm whale tooth and even had their faces painted in ochre (my lad was transformed into a Tassie tiger, an older boy was an Aboriginal warrior and a little girl was thrilled to be a spotted quoll). The owner Greg was so kind and hospitable – no leftover barbecue lunch for the currawongs I’m afraid. Thanks to Greg and Rob for the best day of my north-western Tassie family holiday! Leigh (Forcett, Tasmania).

  2. Staying at Stanley, Tasmania (Jan 2015) we were looking for a River Cruise somewhere nearby. A little over an hours drive is the little hamlet of Arthur River on the ‘Arthur River’.

    If you’re there a little early drive across the one lane bridge, take the second street on the right and drive out to the ‘Edge of the World’ (2 minutes and you’re there). Thanks George a great little addition.

    Arthur River has two vessels that cruise the River, ours was the M V George Robinson (a unique history in itself) this is great little vessel, plenty of room and full of old style river cruising romantics. Morning tea is served not long after departure. At the junction of the Frankland and Arthur River is as far up the river we could go. A Bar-b-Que lunch stop at ‘Turk’s Landing’ and a pleasurable stroll through the native wilderness and the unexpected encounter with a Quoll made the day even better.

    Just a small observation, George keeps the windows so clean I thought I was sitting in a fully opened vessel until I touched the glass.

  3. The cruise on the MV George Robinson provides a unique experience in the pristine environment of this great river. Hosts Greg and Cagey provide a wonderful commentary and lots of local info giving an insight in to this very special place. Sea eagles, wedge tail Eagles and wonderful bush makes for a memorable day. A side trip to The a edge of the world us well worth the 2 minute drive

  4. My friends and I enjoyed your cruise Sat March 21st 2015 and we had the best day ever, You are a lovely bunch of people who know how to show off and promote your beautiful experience so well, everyone who lives in Tasmania or visits Tasmania should book the Red Boat to enjoy the Arthur River Cruise. Well done! p/s Be careful who you show the man tree to Wog. Thank you from the 15 of us. Wow!

  5. I confused my booking several times (I didn’t realise there were two boats on the river) but my dealings with Lesley were professional, understanding and sympathetic. Not so the other crew and I was locked into going on the other boat. After a nice but not great day we decided to do the trip again but on the red boat. What a fabulous decision! Rob and Greg were knowledgable, helpful, humorous and allowed us to just enjoy ourselves. The boat was spacious and comfortable. The food was waaaay more “gourmet” than the other trip even though it was just a BBQ and salads. The guided tour through the forest with Rob was the highlight of the trip, and he never seemed to tire of our endless questions. We’ll be back to Arthur River one day and I’ll make sure I book on the red boat and will recommend it to anyone I know travelling in the area. Thank you Lesley, Greg and Rob 🙂

  6. Thanks Greg and Rob for a wonderful day! It was a real highlight on our trip around Tasmania. The old vessel “MV George Robinson” seemingly fitted into that pristine environment… No rush, just hush! Lunch at the landing was truly wonderful, especially the visits from the wildlife. Rob’s knowledge of the bush is outstanding, a gentleman of the outback. Loved the oilskin and the leather hat Rob! You fitted in the picture as part of the landscape! Greg, thanks for the tip to go the the end of the Earth… It’s a long long way to Africa.
    Good luck and thanks again. Thanks Lesley also for the behind the scenes effort.
    Cheers and beers!

  7. What an amazing experience all thanks to Leslie, Greg and Rob.
    Rob gave us a great informative walk though the rainforest area and has excellent local knowledge of the area. He never tired of all the questions asked . BBQ lunch was plentiful and delicious.
    Great to see the Sea Eagles feeding off the water.
    Such a pristine area untouched by man and left to nature

  8. Wonderful excursion – Greg & Wog made the cruise very interesting thanks to their passion and knowledge of the area, history, fauna & flora and filled in the gaps with their antics and poems.

    Will change from 4 to 5 stars when the wine is upgraded from Stanley Wine casks.

  9. When you combine a pristine, remote and unique environment, a boat with character, crewed by Rob and Greg, two immensely personable, knowledgeable, committed and innately friendly men, you get much more than you pay for. This was a really great experience! Thank you. Not to be missed by anyone visiting Arthur River and the Tarkine.

  10. We did the Arthur River cruise last Thursday 19th January 2017 and what a fantastic day! Lesley and Greg are perfect hosts and Rob”s commentary is most informative and humerous. Morning tea and a tasty lunch were part of the cruise. The Arthur River is the only wild river left in Tasmania and quite stunning. No Logging, no farming, no habitation, no dams – this river must be preserved for all time it is so special. If you are on the west coast we can recommend this cruise to you.

    1. Thank you, Trevor, for your review recommending Arthur River Cruises. Good to see Rob’s commentary and the river itself have made a positive impression on you.
      Arthur River is certainly special and must maintain its unique and pristine qualities.

  11. What a truly wonderful day out. We experienced this wonderful adventure on Australia Day, and what a brilliant day it was too. Such a spectacular part of the world, and the commentary and stories were great – really good story tellers. The knowledge of the crew was wonderful. Identifying the local plants on our short pre lunch walk, and general info around the Rain Forest life cycle was really informative, and told in a way that I will always remember. The BBQ lunch was lovely, local butcher supplied and really yummy.

  12. What a fantastic experience! The team of Arthur River Cruises (Greg, Lesley & Rob) on the MV George Robinson provide a unique experience in the pristine environment (both the River and forest walk). Captain Rob fascinated both adults and children with his energy, passion and knowledge of the local history, flora and fauna as well as incorporating activities such as allowing children on the boat to drive the boat, face painting with ochre and educating us about sperm wales using stories and props such as a very large whale tooth.
    During the cruise I was surprised to see two huge Sea Eagles and perhaps more surprising was relationship that the team has built with them. The Eagles knew that the Greg was going to feed them with some fresh fish and obliged by swooping down and grabbing their lunch.
    Greg and Lesley in addition to being welcoming and generous with their time and attention on the cruise, they also provided us with a tasty barbecue lunch making for a memorable day.
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you, Pedro, for your detailed review of your experience on the Red Boat. Greg, Rob and I are fortunate to live in this remote part of Tasmania in the midst of the Tarkine Wilderness.
      Arthur River is awesome in every sense of the word. So glad you enjoyed the cruise!

  13. Myself, my wife and my two young girls had the pleasure of cruising with you on Fri 7th April 17. We were extremely fortunate to have perfect weather for the duration of the cruise. Your hospitality and good nature made the day a great experience. My 8 year old said her best thing about our visit to Tassie was the bush walk (while the BBQ was being prepared) and listening to Rob and the interesting stories he was telling of the history of the area. My 9 year old hasn’t stoped talking about driving the boat! Many thanks for a most surprising, educational and just a great day cruising the river. Rob

  14. A warm welcome aboard the Red Boat by Lesley and captain Rob was a foretaste of a wonderful cruise. Rob’s extensive knowledge of flora, fauna and local history would be hard to surpass, as would he and Lesley’s generosity. An old Tasmanian recommended this cruise to me as a way of seeing some of “old Tasmania” – I think I experienced that and more. For me, a very enriching experience, as I am sure my fellow passengers of all ages would agree. Thank you.

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